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 A Swiss cheesemaker who provides a fantastic range of cow's milk cheese; We bought the following:

Highlights of the Real Food Festival at Earls Court, London

Left to Right: Belp Knoller ,CironĂ© and Abe Rot  

  • CironĂ© - A 24 month old hard cheese. A cross between Emmental and Parmesan with salt crystals and an after taste of alcohol, almost like a cognac.
  • Abe rot or "Evening Red" - A strong smelling, soft, washed rind cheese. Similar to Epoisses or  Munster
  • Belper Knolle - Made from milk from Belp cows, locally grown garlic and Himalyan salt. Rolled into balls and dipped in pepper. It has truffle-like qualities insofar as just a light sprinkle of it grated over pasta or risotto is sufficient to benefit from the powerful taste.


  • Kaassoort: Harde kaas
  • Melksoort: Paardenkaas
  • Verwerkt: Niet gepasteuriseerd
  • Vetgehalte: 45%
  • Seizoen: Het gehele jaar
  • Toevoeging:

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